three experts join their forces for finland

KOLME K – Koivu (the birch), Kettu (the fox) ja Keisari (the emperor). In March 2021, the three bloggers, content creators and authors Christine Birkel (, Michaela Fuchs ( and Sina Kaiser ( found out that not only their last names translated into Finnish language create a lyrical alliteration.

Indeed, the three Finland enthusiasts joined their forces to offer a wide range of services to Finnish destinations, travel entrepreneurs and touristic organisations to have the full power to promote Finland as a travel destination in the German-speaking market.

Their values do combine on many levels: Each member of KOLME K sees herself as an expert in certain geographical regions of the country – even though they like to explore every little corner and discover new stories and old traditions. From their genuine professions Christine, Michaela and Sina provide a wide range of media competence offline and online – from strategy and conception via designing, creation, and storytelling they can offer full-service solutions for promoting Finland’s nature, culture, and way of life. Weather it might be brochures, travel reportages, multimedia online content, all comes from passionate hands and creative minds.

KOLME K are three creative, passionate, and curious women with a good sense of humour. If you have a moment — or three — get to know them:

  • Christine Birkel – Expert for Central Finland and Lakeland
    Subjects: Design, Wellbeing, Lakeland, and Forests
  • Michaela Fuchs – Expert for Lapland & Åland
    Subjects: Wild Food, Nature, Design and Nordic Living
  • Sina Kaiser – Expert for Helsinki & Archipelago
    Subjects: Urban Nature, Vanlife, Music and Culture

Get them on board and bring your ideas forward: they are joining their expertise and plan together how your products are presented in the most suitable way. They are KOLME K.


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